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Prescription Youth women Complete Skincare System Hydro Drench M
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A-Slim Natural Slimming 1 Box

A-Slim 100% Natural Slimming Capsule

No Sibutramine, 100% Herbal Increase mebabolism Remove excess body fat No sleepless, no thirsty, no constipation, no rebounding
A-Slim 100% Natural Slimming Capsule adopts many kinds of natural herbs that possess the function of slimming and keeping nice figure. Producing in China leading GMP factory, A-Slim 100% Natural Slimming Capsule can aid slimming by blocking fat calories in your diet from being absorbed as well as by eliminating internal toxins, promoting intestine movement, and facilitating excretion and digestion.

1. Prevent fat calories in your diet from being absorbed and converted into fat.
2. Pure herbal essence, safe and no any harm to body.
3. Smooth the intestines to relax the bowels and cleaning the intestines system.
4. Focus on waist belly and the position where fat is easily accumulated.

Ingredients: Xianxian Cao, Jobstears, Artemisia Dracunculua, Psyllium Husk, Bamboo Shoot, Lotus Leaf

Specifications: 350mg * 30 Capsules

Usage & Dosage: 1 capsule a day before or after breakfast

Storage: Keep in cool, dry and dark conditions.

Shelf Period: 24 months
People between 18yrs and 60yrs.

Precautions: Not suitable for woman in pregnancy or lactation; Stop taking during menstrual period.

by Svetlana Simonova
Hello, I would like to share my experience with A-Slim slimming diet capsules before i was trying from all kinds of websites since the product didn't really help me to lose weight as promised. Had really bad experience losing weight with fakes not real products.. My friend recommend me this website: www.B-Light-Lite.com i decided to try and the product did work and really help me to lose some weight in one month but not a lot !! My friend told me right away they have a better product then Slim Pomegranate weight loss diet pills. I was recommended to try B-Light Slimming capsules when i tried them i did notice a better results then Tomato Plant Weight Loss product. B-Light slimming capsules do work a bit better and you get your weight loss results faster. It is an Excellent product If getting a real product product that helps i would suggest a B-Light it is a great Lose weight product.

by V Lawson
The package arrived perfectly! It is exactly what I ordered and it is original product !!! I really thank you so much and i hope it will help me to achieve my goal as i am waiting for..

by Marina Harris
I like A Slim diet pills and Lida daidaihua Oil for Hair regrowth. It is a wonderful products. Will keep referring these products. It does keeps you from getting hungry.

by Annett S
I have tried other products, but this one is different from other sellers. It is all natural, less expensive and is more effective. I have lost 20lbs in the past 2 months and it helps to keep my energy level up for a whole day. I eat right and at the end of the work day I have energy to work out too. I love it!

by Jeff N.
My metabolism has never been faster! I've noticed a drastic change in my energy as well as in suppressing my appetite. i am so happy to have found a 100% vegetarian weight loss supplement to help me in my journey of a healthier life.

by Mark W.
I just got A Slim Weight Loss from B-Light B Lite Company . It seems to be working great so far. They recommend B-Light Slimming Capsules for lose weight. I gave it a try for 1 month and i was able to lose more weight with B-Light diet pills then taking A Slim slimming product.

by Stephan H.
For some time (read years), I have tried different products that could help me lose weight. With the understanding that there are no miracle products that can do the latter without personal change in eating and exercise habits I ventured to try this product.

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