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Tomato Plant Weight Loss 1 Box

Tomato Plant Weight Loss - Natural weight loss herbal product, is extracted and refined from tomatoes.
All the raw materials are from tomato gardens.Tomato is rich in various nutritional ingredients.
Licopersicin in tomatoes can choke back bacteria growth while its malic acid, citric aicd, and saccharide can help digestion.
Therefore, itís also referred to as magical fruit in vegetables.

Whose function theory is as follows:
Tomato Plant Weight Loss is using the extracted acidic ingredients of tomatoes to promote digestion and lower cholesterol.
The konjac ingredient in Tomato Plant Weight Loss also helps to expel toxin, nourish skin, reduce blood pressure, invigorate pulse-beat and lose weight. The product is proved to be purely natural and very effective in losing weight without side effects.
Tomato Plant Weight Loss is deeply loved and trusted by customers as a real competitive plant product for weight loss.

-Expel Toxin-Lose Weight
-Lower Blood Pressure
-Beautify Face

Tomato, Sweet patato fiber, Konjac, Guar gum powder, Semen cassiae torae.
Tomato is rich in various nutritional ingredients. Tomato can boost your energy, with more energy you will be more active and committed to a workout routine. also tomato can stabilize your blood sugar levels and curb your appetite. making you feel satisfied for longer periods.

Sweet potato fiber
With proper nutrition, hunger can be regulated and slowed. Eating whole grains with more fruits and vegetables causes the body to feel full quickly.
By introducing more fiber into the diet, hunger is regulated naturally and prevents obesity.

Konjak is perennial plant vegetation. underground tubers present large spheroid shape. it is stout in petioles, cylindrical in shape, light green with black purple mottling and palm-like compound leaf. it has strong function in eliminating toxin, beautifying skin, invigorating pulse, lower blood pressure, losing weight and appetizing.

Semen cassiae torae Cassia seeds are bitter, sweet and salty in flavor. Cassia seed extract is beneficial in problems related to intestine, liver, large intestine and vision. As far as intake of cassia seed extract for weight loss is concerned, dietary products based on this herbal extract are available in the market. However, the safety of this herbal formulation as a weight loss aid is not proven scientifically.

1 Box ( 30 Capsule Per Box)
Store in a cool (room temperature), dry and dark condition.
Shelf life: 24 months

Unsuitable Community:

- People with coronary heart disease, high blood pressure or cerebrovascular disease;
- People with psychosis or addict of drugs, medicine or alcohol;
- People with hyperthyroidism, insufficiency of liver or kidney;
- People with prostatic hyperplasia or glaucoma;
- Women in pregnancy or lactation;
- People under the age of 18 or above 60;
- People who are consuming prescription drugs.

Usage & Dosage:

Take one capsule before breakfast, 1 time a day,  (before breakfast with 350~500cc water)

May Occur Side Effects:  

Mouth dry,   Light Dizzy.


1. In order to get the best effect, remember to keep on a balanced diet with appropriate exercise while taking this product.
2. We can not guarantee that all people will have the same lose weight effect with tomato plant weight loss product.
Some people will lose weight effectively. Some won't!! Please understand everyones metabolism is different..
3. Some will be allergic to the ingredients of tomato plant weight loss.
It is a common sense. So please do not afraid. Once you found this, please stop taking Tomato Plant Weight Loss product immediately.
But you need to know that this is your personal problem not the capsules. All ingredients of tomato plant weight loss are natural and safe.
Please read ingredients carefully before making your final purchase or consult our customer service representative for more information.

by Svetlana Simonova
Hello, I would like to share my experience with Slim Pomegranate slimming diet pills before i was trying from all kinds of websites since the product didn't really help me to lose weight as promised. Had really bad experience losing weight with fakes not real products.. My friend recommend me this website: www.B-Light-Lite.com i decided to try and the product did work and really help me to lose some weight in one month but not a lot !! My friend told me right away they have a better product then Slim Pomegranate weight loss diet pills. I was recommended to try B-Light Slimming capsules when i tried them i did notice a better results then Tomato Plant Weight Loss product. B-Light slimming capsules do work a bit better and you get your weight loss results faster. It is an Excellent product If getting a real product product that helps i would suggest a B-Light it is a great Lose weight product.

by Nicole Rodriguez
"I've used tomato plant weight loss during the year 11/013-1/14 and during that time I went from 336lbs to my current weight right now at 232 lbs. Never in my wildest dreams would I picture myself fitting into a size 34 jeans where my first year in college I was squeezing into a 46!!! It has changed my life in more words than I could describe, instead of watching life past me by I'm out there grabbing it by the reins and enjoying it!"

by Amy Smith
My name is Amy, I am 34 yrs. old. I started my struggle with weight loss at age 24. I was 25lbs over weight. I have tried every diet and exercise plan I could find but nothing seem to work for me. I did a little research on diet pills and found tomato plant weight loss. I was amazed at the results. Within 3 months of receiving my first box of tomato plant weight loss I had lost the 25 lbs. that had been bothering me. I have been taking it for 6 months. I have lost a total of 38lbs. I used to wear a size 12-14 but I am proud to say I am now wearing size 4-6. Thank you !!!
I could not have done it without you."

by Gianna Brown
My name is Gianna and for me, tomato plant weight loss was a dream! I started taking the tablets several weeks ago. I see the results soon. I'm amazed at how quickly they are working. I have more energy and feel better. I lose my appetite but nor tired and not hungry. I am in a much better mood as well. thank you for giving me a new confidence with my weight loss.

by Joyce Miller
I've used tomato plant weight loss during the year 6/11-6/12 and during that time I went from 229lbs to my current weight right now at 128 lbs. Never in my wildest dreams would I picture myself fitting into a size 32 jeans where my first year in college I was squeezing into a 40!!! It has changed my life in more words than I could describe, instead of watching life past me by I'm out there grabbing it by the reins and enjoying it

by Cassie Williams
I just got Tomato Plant Weight Loss from B-Light B Lite Company . It seems to be working great so far. They recommend B-Light Slimming Capsules for lose weight. I gave it a try for 1 month and i was able to lose more weight with B-Light diet pills then taking Tomato Plant slimming product.

by Michelle Lewis
I have been taken the tomato weight loss pills for 20 days now and i have lost 9 pounds. I have to make myself eat because i don't have a appetite, i don't exercise. My starting weight is 180lbs i am now 171lbs. I want to get to 150 or 155. Im hoping another month on these pills or wanted to try B-Light weight loss product that most people recommend. i really want to obtain my weight loss goal. I will then try B-Light capsules probably twice a week for maintenance and see if it is better. I like these diet pills, i have tried just about all the diet pills out there and these are the only ones on this site that actually work.

by Greg Burlington
THEY HELP! These pills took my appetite away. I have only been eating a salad and vitamins every day. Maybe a can of pears or peachs every couple of days. Apples and tuna fish. Iím not hungry! Iím not hungry taking these pills! Your not going to believe me but I lost 25 pounds in 3 weeks! And itís still coming off!

by Natalie, Queensland
I am on diet and in exercise every day with these pills for last 3 months, the effect is good, I like itÖ I am backing to the girl I was 3 years ago, slim and beauty

by Michelle Thomas
I have been taken the tomato natural weight loss pills for 15 days now and i have lost 6 pounds. I have to make myself eat all the time My current weight was when i start taking Tomato Plant Lose weight product when i was 181lbs i am now 175lbs. I want to get to 140 lbs. Will try for another month or so and if it is not burning a lot of weight i will switch to a B-Light slimming product that everyone is talking about it...

by Jelena Hostic
So Iím very pleased, I havenít taken all the pills in a month. Me and my colleague have taken each 15 capsules. I took off 6kg. Tablets totally closed my appetite in one month

by Eliza R.
I received my ordered boxes yesterday and started taking the first pill today. I have taken Tomato Natural in the past and have had excellent results. I was losing a pound a day and went from 210lbs to 155. Last year I had a baby and have gained over 70 pounds. I tried Tomato from some other website and they didnít do anything. I am on my first day with the pills that I purchased from here and already feel them working again (not hungry and drinking lots of water). Thank you

by Marija J.
I have great experience with Tomato Natural capsules, after giving birth I lost 16 kg in 3 months! It was not hard because I did not have to eat snacks and sweet. Had just simply stop eating that synthetic stuff. Iím not hungry and Iím not looking for food to eat every time I feel my blood sugar fall a little. I recommend

by Alex S
I tried many different diets, but none of them really worked on me. Thatís why after a little bit of search I found Tomato Natural capsules. I read all the references and testimonials I could find on the web. Thatís when I bought them, I really wanted them to work. After just two days I started losing weight, and after two weeks I had less fat on my stomach and my clothes started feeling too big on myself. I really liked these pills because of them I started drinking more water, I had more energy to begin with, and I slept soundly at night! In just three weeks I lost one size (6,5kg) without working out! I will continue to use them and I will also recommend them to anyone who wants to lose weight.

by Tania R.
I eat a lot more than I should, unhealthy food make me fatter and fatter, I know I must to keep my body health so I started taking Tomato Natural, and begin eating healthy as well as drinking a lot, this kind of combination helped my weight loss, my body got used to this pills within one weekÖ I really love this Tomato product, my friend also tried this, she lost even 5 pounds more

by Sandra P
I lost a total of 12 kg after using just 3 x Boxes of Tomato Natural diet capsules. I was sad when I had 92kg (my max weight), but now I can calmly say that I weight 80kg. I will try for another product that was recommended called B-Light Weight Loss formula will continue to use them until I reach my dream weight which is 60kg.

by Juana Gonzalez
I have used this product for 1 month, and it really helped me reduced about 15 kilos, I am very happy about this and am and truly satisfied with my current weight loss result

by Rudegal M
Hi Iíve been taking the pills for 3 weeks now with a routine workout and Iíve lost 12lbs it really does works!! But I think it varies on different people. I started out 184lbs now Iím 172lbs

by Sulitanu I
I am very happy with result. Would like to order 1 more box of Tomato to lose 4 kilos more

by Elena Svetlakova
Excellent reduce appetite. Definitely effectively! A good choice for the hopeless and desperate Ė for those who can not tell yourself ďSTOPĒ to the refrigerator. My friend from USA advises Tomato Natural. And this ďTomatoĒ I have experienced myself, and speak with confidence about the effectiveness of acquaintances.

by Michelle P
I started taking it at August, and it helps me lose another 15 pounds, I used 1 pill a day at first, and it is also helpful, when I used it out, I thought Iíd better try another one as I am afraid effect wouldnít be so obvious if I continue only 1, anyway, it is grateful that product is so helpful to me.

It is appreciated that this Tomato Natural pills give me much energy and suppress my terrible appetite. One thing is I would feel thirsty, but it seems be a normal effect, so I drink water and eat more fruit as told. I have tried one month, and lose about 14 pounds with Tomato, thatís great!

by Maria Reyes.
Hi, I bought Tomato Natural for the first time in August, when I was really fat and disappointed with myself. But now I lost 12kg and I am super thin and happy with myself! THANK YOU!!!!!!! :)

by Daniel B. Carrion
Helllo My name is Daniel Honestly I had never heard about a pure tomato plant weight loss supplement for weight loss before, but I am glad I finally did. The results are great...more energy, less fat...perfect product for my fat body

by Eric R
If you want to lose weight like I did, there is nothing better than Tomato Plant Weight Loss Capsule. I take 2 pills before I eat and am watching the fat come off of my body. I have more energy than ever and am feeling better. I believe that these pills are the reason for my success

by Ora Novello
I have used these pills for 30 days...I followed the recommended dosage for the pure Tomato Plant Weight Loss pills and am losing weight...They work like they promised. I think they are great but i felt like i needed something stronger then just Tomato Plant Slimming capsules. I ordered B-Light Slimming weight loss capsules they work way better then Tomato diet pills. B-Light diet pills work faster then the other product! I noticed a very big change in short period of time. B-Light a bit stronger and burns your body fat a bit faster..

by Christina V.
works GREAT! NO jitters and best of all it keeps me from retaining water and keeps me from getting hungry. I recommend ALL B-Lite slimming capsules! LOVE IT!

by B Martinez
I didnt like the Tomato Plant weight loss product my body couldnt the product. I talked to sales representative and i was recommend with B-light weight loss slimming product. After taking them about 3 weeks i noticed a very big reduce in my body weight with B light diet capsules. So, I really recommend to get more information since every body is different. Thanks for posting your reviews does help to buy the right product.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.
This product was added to our catalog on Monday 10 March, 2014.
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